Management Systems


Absal Paul operates a Quality Management System (QMS) on all projects undertaken and this ensures we meet all Client expectations in regard to Quality. Our QMS is based and operates under the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 standard. The Absal Paul QMS procedures ensure that all management staff involved in the project, from director level to section foreman are responsible for Quality Control.

We instill a quality awareness culture from the outset of every project across the entire project delivery team including all subcontractors to ensure Quality Control and Assurance is always a key priority throughout the course of the project. The objectives of our Quality Control Measures are as follows:

  • to meet and exceed the quality standards set down by the client, the project specification and documentation
  • to satisfy the requirements both contractually and otherwise of the client and the design team
  • to minimise defects and ultimately handover a defects free building upon completion
  • to improve the image and reputation of absal paul as a company that can deliver a quality product within contract programme