• Once the project file received from the coordinator the Quality Controller shall study the project details and gives ideas and concepts on upcoming operation processes.
  • When the site measurements received the QC should compare them with tender drawings details and inform the coordinator with any irregularity.
  • Review the shop drawing in terms of dimensions, conformity to actual details, buildability, materials selections, quantity, installation details or any other information may have influence on the processes to avoid any mistake prior to production processes initiation. Fill the form No.1 and No.1a carefully.
  • After reviewing the shop drawings send the form No.1 along with the drawings to the production manager to start fabrication and send a copy of the form to the coordinator to document it.
  • When fabrication starts, monitor the production processes step by step till the end to ensure that all details and requirements are fulfilled. Form No.2 has to be filled before sending the product for painting and the product should be stamped to give it a permission to start with painting. Besides the quality ensure that the quantity is correct as well.
  • When painting process starts the product should be monitored along the way to ensure that:


  • Painting materials in use are as per required specifications.
  • Painting processes are carried out in accordance with the same procedure followed to achieve the approved sample. Form No.3
  • All parts of same finishing are performed by same mixture and same shine on same time and by same painter (if possible) to achieve the required harmony.
  • The finishing is matching the approved sample. The conformity should be verified using big sample not less than 60×60 cm.
  • If the job is done perfectly then the product will be stamped to indicate the end of production. Fill Form No.3 sign it and send it to the coordinator.
  • When the painting process is over, inform the production controller to deliver the finished products after packing them which should be monitored as well.
  • Visit the site to monitor the installation processes till the end. Form No.4
  • After works at site finish visit the site with accompany of the factory manager or production manager to prepare “punch list” as per Form No.5 and submit it to the project manager to carry out correcting actions before inviting the client to receive the finished works. Visit the site again to ensure that all recorded remarks in the “punch list” are completed.
  • Please apply with your updated CV to  career@absalpaul.com