Mechanical Site Engineer


     Job Description

  • Generally responsible for implementations and monitoring of all mechanical related works at site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.
  • Estimates, prepare and assign resources such as manpower, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc., required for all Mechanical and related works prior to execution. Plans and analyses all possible construction methodologies and recommends the best options to the construction manager for approval prior to execution at site.
  • Interprets construction drawings and studies the contract documents and applicable standards or specifications prior to execution of any jobs.
  • Manages directly and provide engineering and technical support to all the Mechanical work groups at the site.
  • Plans the execution of all Mechanical related works and coordinates the works to Electrical and civic groups.
  • Assign targets for accomplishments and ensure targets are met on daily basis for all Mechanical groups at the site.
  • Submits site daily reports, inspection requests, estimates and all applicable monitoring reports on a regular basis or as required.
  • Supports the Mech. construction Manager in accomplishing all the goals and targets for the Mechanical in cooperation with electrical groups at site.
  • Ensures that all the works have done are in accordance with the approved construction drawings, contract documents, project specifications, and all applicable standards whether local, national or international standards.
  • Ensures that inspection requests (MIR, and RFQI) are implemented. Ensuring that all test reports are verified to meet the contract requirements, and consultant comments are closed “if any”
  • Ensures that all site works are done according to all applicable quality standards.
  • Directly responsible for the safety of all Mechanical groups’ personnel of the project by ensuring that the project execution will be done according to all applicable health, safety, sanitary and environmental standards.
  • Carrying out all Mechanical Works and equipment’s installation activities
  • Pre-resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems at a site that may arise at any time
  • To collaborate with cost control and planning department in preparing the daily progress reports
  • Able to lead site personnel to execute and completion of a job on time at the site

Job Requirements

  • 4-6 years site (gulf experience) experience in basic design requirements, estimation, installation and all site activities related to all Mechanical works for construction of Med to Large-scale building projects.
  • Education Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

Transferable Iqama is a plus

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